Smart, digital, and decentralized credentials. That's what we do.

Our smart solutions give institutions a highly secure, web-based dashboard to create, manage and issue digital, smart, and blockchain-based credentials (e.g. transcripts, diplomas, certificates, etc.). What we build is easy-to-use, cost-lowering, time-saving, fraud-proof, and a strong marketing tool.
Edgecoin Smart Certificates
Smart Certificates

Verify and issue valid, immutable, encrypted, and unique certificates via Edgecoin Smart Certificates in just one confirmation and release process.

Edgecoin Smart Validation
Smart Validation

Smart Validation and re-validation of new or / and existing documents via data mapping and with integrated optical recognition software.

Edgecoin Smart Authentication
Smart Authentication

Verify any personal information by using the power of the blockchain. KYC / AML / Authentication solutions built on the blockchain for students and institutions.

Edgecoin Smart Storage IPFS
Smart Storage / IPFS

Use the trustless decentralized nature of the blockchain technology to digitalize and store data with modern and fraud-proof encryption via IPFS.

Edgecoin Smart Management System
Smart Management System

Use Edgecoin Customer Area in order to keep track of all digital data related to student's information, certificates, and confirmations in one place.

Edgecoin Smart and Simple Set-up
Smart Set-up

Use the easy step by step set-up of Edgecoin Smart Solutions for your institution. Customer satisfaction by guided and affordable pilot. Request now!

What are common problems in education today?

In addition to the following problems, it is the lack of in-house digital expertise that aggravates the situation for educational stakeholders keeping up with the rapidly changing learning habits and standards. However, don't worry, we have various smart solutions that help solve those problems!
Edgecoin Date Protection

If modern data protection, encryption, and cyber security sound like Sci-Fi to you? You have to take action now!

Edgecoin Digitalization of Paper Files

If you still print out your student's documents / files, you should consider a real change of your organization now!

Edgecoin Time Saving Certification

If you have time-consuming and outdated approval and certification processes, you may want to review and change them now!

Edgecoin Smart Data Storage

We hope not, but if you still use binders or Windows PC directories to store or archive your files, you need to make a change now!

Edgecoin Secure File Management

If you even don't understand what unalterable record-keeping or data accesssibility via AI means, you should contact us now!

Edgecoin Digital Transformation via Blockchain

If Email for you still is the epitome of your digital strategy, please let us help you recalibrating your strategy now!

Want to learn more?

Request more info about Edgecoin smart solutions for your institution now. Read the Edgecoin Whitepaper and learn more about our vision. Send us an Email and request more information or schedule a call with our team.
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Pilot Program and Pricing

Do you want to try Edgecoin's smart solutions hassle-free? Start with our comprehensive pilot program. Unlock the full power of education by facilitating the benefits of the Blockchain now!
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All-INCLusive pilot program
One-time payment
€ 397.90

The mandatory pilot program will serve as a mutual understanding and learning process. Over a period of six months you will learn about our solutions with the hassle-free all-incl. pilot package. It's time to trial the future of education.

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Business Pricing Plan
monthly fee (No Set-UP FEE)

In order to be eligible for this plan, you have to pass our hassle-free pilot program. Never the less, you can pre-register for this plan. The Business Pricing Plan will be uniquely designed for your institutions.
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